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Seget Gornji

Seget Gornji has a luxurious villa with the pool and wonderful exterior. Its capacity is for 22 people and it is called Hacienda Maksmilian.


The village Bristivica, under the name Bristica was firstly mentioned in XIII century. It was often a reason of struggle between inhabitants of Trogir and Šibenik. The village was completely abandoned during Turkish attacks, but it was again inhabited by people coming from the Bosnia and Herzegovina. Old parish church was built in XIV century, but later was ruined and again adapted. However, after the fire in 1901 a whole new church was built. The church is surrounded by cemetery where are some graves from ancient times.


Ljubitovica is a village 20 km far from the center of this county towards hinterland. In the parish Ljubitovica, dedicated to Saint Katharina, there are 650 inhabitants. The church has been recently adapted, and in the future the cemetery is going to be extended. The village was firstly mentioned in the documents in 1272. The inhabitants of Ljubitovica cultivate the best garlic in the whole region. They also organize the fair dedicated to this product. They founded the Association of garlic producers “Šarac”, and produce every year around 20 tons of it.


Prapatnica is a village 15 km far from the center of the county towards hinterland. The village is known by its church of St. Thomas Apostle built in 1891 on the basis of the old one from which only apse remained. Big altar in the apse is made of marble and contains the picture of St. Mary’s Assumption (XIX century). In the aisle are two wooden altars. One altar is St. Mary of Health with the picture of local worker full of silver gifts. The second one is St. Thomas Apostle with the Priest’s picture, homework (XVIII century). In the niche is the statue of St. Roch and there is also statue of St. Anthony, and an old crucifix. The church was rebuilt in 1963, then again thoroughly in 1998. New altar with the picture of St. Mary’s Assumption was built in 2000. In front of the church a statue of Our Lady of Peace as a memorial of fallen Croatian defenders. North of the church mortuary was built. The statue of arch-bishop Aloysius Stepinac stands in front of the church of St. Thomas, on the crossroad towards Šibenik and Split, and towards the village Prgomet and the new highway.