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Trogir – one big museum under the patronage of UNESCO

Trogir – one big museum under the patronage of UNESCO

Trogir was founded by Greek in III century B.C. as TRAGURION (place where goats graze). Since then, this place has developed its shipbuilding. The Croatian people inhabited this area in VIII century and built the church using the pillars of ruined Salona.

Wars, ups and downs, taking and giving freedom and rights are some basic aspects of the history of Trogir. It is one big museum with numerous historical traces of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Hungarian, Austrian, Venetian, French and Croatian domination. All of this makes Trogir a treasury of many different monuments from antique period, Hellenism, early Christian times, Croatian early middle age art , Romanic, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical period that intersect and supplement with each other in harmony of shapes and contents.

Most important monuments:

The famous critic Bernard Berenson defines Trogir as one of the few cities that include many works of art in such a little space. But Trogir is more than that, it is one big museum being referred to as one huge monument.


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