Seget Riviera

Mediterranean charm at your fingertips

Like a boat in the bottle, Seget locked a true Mediterranean spirit inside its rectangular stone heart ready to reveal it to the visitors. Come and discover its tradition and its customs, peek into the fishermen's nets, feast yourself with healthy Dalmatian specialties, taste its gold olive oil, relax on the beautiful sandy beaches while listening the sounds of crystal clear sea.

The heart of the county Seget, rocky only on the outside, is a small fishermen village. It is an old core founded in 1564, when Augustin Membo, the executive magistrate of Trogir issued the permit to Jakov Rotondo, the nobleman and the town clerk and treasurer, to build a tower and a nearby fortified village. This citadel is a valuable monument of Dalmatian town planning as well as it has been the synonym for Seget till the XVII century when its old name Kaštel Rotondo completely disappeared. However, the spirit of its past and tradition that, according to archeological findings, goes back to ancient time is still present. The Diocletian’s palace was made of the remarkable Seget stone, particularly its Golden gate, as well as nearby town Trogir, city under the patronage of UNESCO.
Furthermore, every art movement that can be perceived in a rich cultural heritage of Trogir is also present in Seget and its Renaissance towers, Medieval and Baroque churches as well as picturesque triptychs whisper their own unique story...
Let us present them to you!

Cultural heritage of Seget – from picturesque small churches to Heracles’ altars

Art movements that embellish our jewel, UNESCO town Trogir, are visible also outside the town walls. Undoubtedly, close vicinity of Trogir is one of the greatest advantages of this tourist resort, still Seget has its own monuments that present particular art movements and are certainly subjects of many analyses and discussions among artists and those who understand and acknowledge the art. Enthusiasts of cultural heritage will appreciate stone witnesses of Seget’s past that date back to ancient times.

Inside the quarries of Seget, many altars devoted to Greek divine hero Heracles, were found. His cult was not known in these areas until Roman soldiers brought it. This is not astonishing because Heracles was known as both the protector of soldiers and stone-masons and symbol of divine strength. He was surely the motivation for quarrymen to work better. Many archeological findings near the altars, such as stone pots and Roman pottery fragments, revealed that the quarry had its stone masonry workshop.

Very interesting for art connoisseurs are so called ‘kamici’, medieval tombstones that are monuments of rural culture – especially those near the church of St. Vitus (Sv.Vid) in Seget Gornji. Several connoisseurs attempted to explain the puzzling symbol that looks like a tool or weapon, still the most precise theory states that it is a kind of plowing tool.
There are also many picturesque churches, such as St. Vitus church (Sv. Vid), St. Elijah (Sv. Ilija), St. Michael (Sv. Mihovil), St. Daniel's (Sv. Danijel) and the church of Saint Mary Major (Gospe od Sniga) dating back to old times and Baroque. Very interesting for the sightseeing is the baroque church Saint Mary of Rosary (Gospe od Ružarja) as it contains many interesting art items as well as painted gothic crucifix and wooden triptych made by Blaž Jurjev Trogiranin, although some details are not his characteristic motifs (for example: young, more vivid and plump face of Theotokos – Saint Mary that was earlier presented by Juraj as much older, gloomier, having motherly concerned face).

This church is situated between Seget and Trogir, while other previously mentioned churches are on the field of Seget. It represents a real patchwork of various remains of cultural heritage that will be an unforgettable experience for every history and art lover. There is also a Renaissance square tower of Statilić family built in 1516.

Although the monuments in Seget are not artistically recognized as are those in Trogir, they still deserve special attention. Their unique architectural style is interesting for both experts and curious visitors who will joyfully discover the unsuspected cultural wealth.

Clear beaches, high-quality accommodation and local specialties in a unique Dalmatian atmosphere

Picturesque Seget has even more to offer to its visitors. Long and clear sandy beaches are a trademark of Seget Riviera, a great lure for families with kids that accommodate in some highly organized accommodation facilities. The offer of hotels in Seget is on the highest level, along with its well-attended campsites and apartments as well as private accommodation.

Modern and fully-equipped hotels “Rotondo”, “Astoria”, “Jadran”, “Bavaria”, “Viktorija”, campsite “Vranjica Belvedere”, campsite “Seget”, and apartments “Medena” that are situated directly on the coast, guarantee a great holiday for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy. There are comfortable rooms with a sea view and many wellness facilities. However, there is something also for those who long for active holiday as these hotels offer many sport and recreational facilities. Crystal clear sea and more than 2700 sunny hours per year make a great invitation card for families with kids and water sport lovers.

Welcoming local inhabitants of Seget will meet the needs of even the most demanding gourmands either in nice furnished hotel restaurants or in numerous local traditional restaurants in the resort. Here you can enjoy in traditional specialties of Dalmatian cuisine: from the ‘queen of the meals’ – peka (baked dish with meat and vegetables made in a pot or a tray, the pot is put into the embers of a fireplace), to fish and vegetables with the healthy local olive oil and aromatic plants. The meal is complete by tasting one of high-quality local wines, and having delicious desert made my local housewives – fritule (Croatian pastry resembling to little doughnuts), kroštule (Croatian sweet knots) and rožata (Croatian custard pudding similar to crème brûlée).

Kaleidoscopic offer that conquers

Tourist offer of Seget is a conjunction of many different activities from which the tourist, depending on his wishes, can choose the best for himself. This county, which inhabitants formerly lived as farmers and fishermen, lives completely from and for tourism giving tourist generously its hospitality along with high-quality facilities. All aspects can be found here – cultural for those looking for cultural sights, relaxing for those who want to enjoy in the sun and the sea, gastronomic for those who are willing to taste delicious traditional local meals…combining all of this you will get a great vacation that Seget prepared for you. Its offer is miscellaneous as coloured bits of glass in kaleidoscope, and the guest himself can choose and create the picture on his own.

As a flashing ruby on the sun, Seget, having more than 2700 sunny days per year invites you to take a walk through its towers, to discover not only its cultural sights, but also its cuisine…

Visit and feel Seget means enjoy, but you need to discover that on your own. So, what is more to say than – welcome!