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Upon his visit to Dubrovnik in 1929, George Bernard Shaw said: “If you want to see Heaven on Earth, come to Dubrovnik“.

Unique for its impressive medieval forts, churches, monuments and palaces, Dubrovnik is often called the pearl of the Adriatic. One of the main reasons for visiting Dubrovnik is definitely its warm, mild and dry Mediterranean climate. The average annual temperature is 18 degrees Celsius. Dubrovnik has around 260 sunny days per year, and the days without sun are uncommon indeed. With temperatures never falling below zero, snow is exceptionally rare. The rainy period comes in winter. Dubrovnik is protected from the warm and moist south easterly wind by the Island of Lokrum, and from the cold north wind by Mount Srđ. In summer the city is refreshed by the gentle north westerly breeze. 

More than a thousand-year old history of Dubrovnik made it a cultural centre of Europe. Initially a small community, the city flourished in no time and became the seat of the independent Dubrovnik Republic. The Republic mastered the art of seafaring and created a fleet on the South Adriatic which could be compared to the one owned by Venice in the north. History is present in the entire city, which is both a museum and a picturesque stage where cultural heritage and contemporary life meet. All houses and monuments have a unique value. The Old City is encompassed by medieval walls, which have been preserved in their original form and opened for visitors as Dubrovnik’s major attraction.

In 1979 the City was included in UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

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