Seget Donji

Seget Donji is the largest place in the county of Seget. It is located 2 km far from the town of Trogir, which is on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage. It has a long tourist tradition and due to its mild climate the inhabitants mainly deal with agriculture and fishing.

The village Seget Donji is founded in 1565 when the executive magistrate of Trogir issued the permit to Jakov Rotondo, to build a tower. Later, around this tower, the village was fortified surrounded by the walls and four towers in order to protect the village from Turkish invasion. In the castle were 3 lengthwise and 2 diagonal stone-paved streets. Inside the castle you can find the parish church of Saint Mary of Rosary built in XVIII century.

Seget Donji is a great destination for families. There are beautiful pebble beaches with restaurants and bars all the way along the coast, near the crystal clear sea. There is also a nice promenade till the tourist resort Medena where you can find various facilities for children as well as many water sport facilities, tennis courts, trim tracks and other sport playgrounds that are available for every visitor. At night, you can dance on hotel terraces and restaurants or visit one of night clubs on the beach.