1. Inside the castle in Seget, you can find the parish church of St. Mary of Rosary that was built during the XVIII century. As the old campanile was ruined by thunderstruck, the new one is built in 1796. Dedication was done in 1800. The church has three baroque altars of stone and marble. The big altar is dedicated to the St. Mary of Rosary, and other two side altars to St. Cross and St. Mary of Carmel. There is also the painted crucifix from XIV century. On the triptych you can see St. Mary with the child. St. Bartholomew and St. Nicholas, it is assumed that is made by Blaž Jurjev Trogiranin. There is also organ from 1856 in the church.

2. The church of Vitus is situated above the big defile under the village Baradići. There you can find medieval tombstones. The church, made in Romanic style, is very old. The year of its building is unknown.

3. Between Seget and Trogir, in the field of Seget, you can find the church of St. Mary Major (Gospa od Zvirča, Gospa od Sniga) built in XIV century. In the church is the crypt of the canon Ivan Boić from 1768.

4. The medieval church of St. Elijah is situated on the hill Sutlija where once was Illyrian fortification. The exact year of the building is unknown. Till the XIX century, surrounding area has been used as a cemetery. Thunderstruck ruined the church several times, so adaptation was required.

5. In Vranjica the new church is built, the church of Croatian martyrs built in 2001.

Seget Majorettes

Seget Majorettes is a dance association founded in November 2002. Majorettes have been members of HRSAM since foundation and HTS since 2005.

Seget Majorettes association is founded in November, 2002 and it is lead by Anita Tomaš and by the coach Alena Rako. Thanks to the financial help of Municipality, local families and sponsors the association has been functioning for years. Majorettes have been members of HRSAM (Croatian federation of amateur majorette teams) since foundation, and HTS (Croatian twirling federation) since 2005. This harmonious dance lead by choreograph coach Alena Rako is a valuable contribution to all cultural events and manifestations. Also known as 'štapovrtilice' meaning 'girls who are twirling their sticks' are performing most frequently in Trogir, together with Local band Trogir. Training and working area is in Municipality of Seget and auxilliary hall in Trogir. For any questions, approvals or critics write on our mail: