Napoleon's path

The path is named after Napoleon that ruled in Dalmatia from 1806 till 1814. During that time, many roads were built connecting Dalmatian coast with its hinterland. This road was built in 1807 when Dalmatia was under the French domination, due to Napoleon’s marshal – commander for Dalmatia, Mormont and due to Damdol – local district governor for Dalmatia. The road has been used for many years not only as a walking trail, but also as a road for horse-drawn vehicles going from Trogir to its hinterland and vice versa. After new road was built, the old one became neglected.

It is transformed in TRAIL OF HEALTH because of its meaning and its position. It has not been changed a lot since the time it was built. Not far from this trail, the Roman path begins, along the valley of river Draga, and connects to the first one in Seget Gornji.